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Texas has become one of the fastest growing wine tourism destinations in the United States – second only to Napa Valley. This boom means that the industry is expanding at a rapid rate where winemakers from around the world are lured here due to the wide range of grape varieties available. Texas’ expansive selection of varietals lends itself to a wide range of winemaking styles and complex blends.

  • Region

    8,000estimated planted acres of wine grapes8 distinct wine growing regions
  • Production

    1.03 million*gallons/year (3.89 million liters) *total production not all of Texas appellation
  • Impact

    1.8 million visitors per year $13.1 billiontotal economic impact104,627jobs created and supported by the wine industry
  • Primary Grape Varietals

    In Texas Hill Country AVA, there are 7 primary varietals: MalbecMourvèdreSangioveseVermentinoViognierTempranilloTannatPetite Sirah
  • In Texas High Plains AVA, there are 8 primary varietals: SyrahCarignanTempranilloCabernet FrancCab SauvignonPetit VerdotRoussanne Trebbiano

Region Map