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Located in southeast France, the Côtes de Provence appellation was awarded in 1977 and consists of three 3 departments (Var, Bouches-du-Rhône and Alpes-Maritimes) and 84 communities extending from the coastline of Lower Provence to the inland mountain ranges. The entire appellation is located in a Provençal Mediterranean climate characterized by long, hot and dry summer seasons, mild winters and rainy autumns. Provence wines are still, dry wines (less than 4 g/l of glucose and fructose), with blends of several varietals for the rosés and reds, and single varietals or blends for the whites.

  • Region

    20,291 hectares of growing area 3departments84communities with AOC classification
  • Production (2019)

    918,024 hectolitres
  • People

    2,382 grapegrowers 398 vineyards40 cooperatives43 merchants/wineries
  • Impact

    5,000 jobs created1.5 million annual wine tourists (11.5% of the national total)422,390 hectolitres exported
  • Primary Grape Varietals


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