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The Jerez wine region is located in the extreme south of the Iberian Peninsula in Spain’s Andalucía area. Only wines produced in the Jerez region in accordance with specific, traditional processes can be called Sherry. Situated between the Guadalquivir and Guadelete Rivers, the appellation’s terroir is known for its rolling hillsides made of chalky “albariza” soil and the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and Sierra de Cádiz Mountains. The production, ageing and maturing of Sherry is subject to strict, geographical delimitations within the region. The wines are matured for long periods using traditional methods, including the dynamic “solera” system, resulting in an enormous variety of styles.

  • Region

    7,000 hectares of growing area
  • Production

    65 million kilos produced annually55 million bottles shipped70% of wines exported, generating $106 million
  • People

    2,000growers7 cooperatives100wineries
  • Impact

    1,500winery jobs 2,000 growers10,000indirect jobs450,000 tourism visits to wineries each year
  • Primary Grape Varietals

    PalominoMoscatelPedro Ximénez

Region Map