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Our inventory of graphics help promote our mission to ensure wine place names are protected and not abused or miscommunicated to consumers. Wine enthusiasts and novices are all welcome to utilize these graphics to help us spread the word that when it comes to wine, location matters. To view the Declaration post card, click here.

  • How to Read a Wine Label

  • Holidays & Special Events

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Consumers deserve to know where their wine is truly from and that they can trust the label will tell them that and other information accurately. These graphics demonstrate how to read and understand wine labels.

From Thanksgiving to New Years to National Wine Day and the varietal days in between the 4th of July, wine is always part of the celebration. As people celebrate, these graphics remind them that location matters when it comes to wine.

A wine’s unique characteristics derive from where it is grown and, so, cannot be duplicated anywhere else except its place of origin. These graphics are useful for general educational purposes, particularly about our mission to protect and respect wine origins.